EFT for Narcissistic Wound Recovery

Narcissistic Wound Recovery – this woman is in her 60’s and healing the painful injury from her narcissistic mother.  People become narcissistic generally because their most basic needs are not met as children.

Rita says: “Damaris embodies profound insight and understanding, far more than empathy.  She is a generous soul willing to share the journey from the initial troubled soul searching to discovery and enlightenment, with knowledge, wisdom and humor.”  I found her to be powerful and steadfast in her ability to guide me in my work.  She taught me how to explore, how to focus, how to clear my mind and energy and soul of those long-seated ideas and past hurts.  Bringing them to the light of day empowered me to look at them, study them, acknowledge and release them.  And now I am becoming who I really am.bI continue doing the tapping and clearing and affirming.”

Religious Trauma

The EFT  part of your Beyond Talk Therapy approach was especially was invaluable. I believe that it opened the door for the many blessings that I received this past year. I came to you looking for physical healing, and received emotional and spiritual healing as well. Within the course of this year I  have changed … Continue Reading