Damaris Drewry, Ph.D. Psychology

 “I consider it an honor to be trusted, and I have learned something from every person who has been my client! As a mentor, I teach people how to rid themselves of a huge variety of physical and emotional problems. I enjoy empowering others in figuring out and clearing root causes of trauma-based physical, emotional, and spiritual issues.

In my experience, many difficult or long-standing issues are caused by decisions we make about ourselves during overwhelming physically or emotionally distressing events (trauma). Without diagnosing or treating medical or DSM-V conditions, I address the original CAUSE of present-day issues and assist my clients in achieving results as quickly as possible. The cause is almost always rooted in the lingering effects of trauma.

You will find me to be non-judgmental and compassionate because I see the innate perfection in every person who works with me. My work began in the mid 1980’s with people asking me to help them learn how to speak up for themselves.

SHORT BIO:  Dr. Damaris Drewry has presented 3000+ hours of self-help workshops privately, for ISSSEEM (the Institute for the Study of Subtle Energy Medicine), ACEP (the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology), the Institute for Noetic Sciences, the American Society of Dowsers, Hospices, and The American Holistic Nurses Association.

Over 300 Workshops presented by Dr. Drewry:

  • “Clearing Emotional Causes of Physical Dis-Ease”
  • “The Human Voice in Energetic Healing”
  • “Speaking and Singing for the Joy of it!”
  • “The Shaman’s Voice – Using the human voice to scan the body and activate its fundamental frequency and healing response”
  • “After-death Communication and its Role in the Grieving Process of Bereaved Individuals”
  • “Vibrational Healing: New Medicine for the 21st Century”
  • “The Moment of Power is Now” (a motivational workshop)”
  • “Empowered Living”
  • “The 13th Step: Reclaiming Personal Power”

For the following organizations:

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