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Impossible becomes possibleBeyond Talk Therapy® can help you UNDERSTAND AND CLEAR underlying issues that cause difficult relationships with your partner, your boss, coworkers, parents, children and most important – your relationship with yourself.

It’s very human to get into relationships that seem to replay an old pattern over and over and make you feel like you are completely stuck. There is a solution!

There is a relationship trap that most people don’t know anything about. It comes from the fact that so many people are born of accidental pregnancies –  unwanted, neglected children who never get their most basic needs met or are abused in some way. That’s a huge percentage of the world’s population.  If you want an example of textbook narcissism look at our government leadership.

So let’s talk about RECOVERY FROM NARCISSISTIC ABUSE and Wounding

What is Narcissistic Abuse? This invisible injury comes from parent to child.  The child grows up and then chooses another narcissistic person for their partner, spouse or boss.  That feels and looks like the movie Groundhog Day.

Narcissistic abuse/wounding  may be emotional, mental, physical, financial, spiritual, or sexual. Narcissistic people are driven by shame and will project it on everyone around them in order to avoid feeling it themselves. How to know if you were raised by a narcissistic parent who used the following survival mechanisms that injured you:

Narcissistic parents/people are neglectful, self-absorbed, or outright abusive and they:

  • Are incapable of true empathy and have no idea how to love a child.
  • Try to make you think you are crazy or imagining things (“gaslighting”).
  • Compete with you or try to “one-up” you. In your teenage years they may try to seduce your boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Emotional blackmail example parent threatens to die if child doesn’t comply with narcissistic demands and behavior
  • Sabotage your efforts to grow, shine, and become a healthy functioning adult
  • Manipulate you into doing things you don’t feel good about
  • Set you up to fail

Interestingly, many therapists have little understanding of the devastation caused by narcissistic parents. The damage done by a narcissistic (neglectful, self-absorbed, or abusive) parent is deep and has far-reaching consequences, including passing on the damage to the next generation. Narcissistic wounding is one of the relationship traps that causes people to repeat the same pattern in relationships over and over.  Why?  Because if you were raised by a narcissistic parent you don’t recognize the red flags and signs that you are being treated the same way in later relationships.

If you have some of these feelings you can heal the damage that keeps you stuck:

  • Failure to reach your full potential in life
  • Feeling like a fraud
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless to change your situation
  • Having serial relationships with no real permanence
  • Choosing people who treat you like an abusive parent did

KarenA testimonial for Narcissistic Wound Recovery:

“After our first session I had the best night’s sleep that I have had in years! I still woke up a few times during the night or a while, but I was able to fall back asleep quickly and DEEPLY.

My life used to feel like a fractured bowl that I was struggling to hold together – now it is being glued back together!

I was able to reframe my disappointing relationships with men in my life, and no longer carry the heavy burden of anger and resentment caused by a narcissistc parent.”


Colette Bourassa square photo

Daughter/Mother Issues – a Narcissistic Wound Recovery Testimonial

“A subconscious message was running my life…”
I had been feeling frustrated and confused about what was holding me back in achieving certain goals in my work and personal life. I KNOW I am good at what I do, but, even after a lot of traditional therapy and other personal work over the years I hadn’t been able to deeply understand or access the beliefs, thoughts and feelings that were contributing to my confusion and frustration.

As it turns out the reason was the narcissistic wounding that happened to me via my mother as I was growing up. The main message that was stopping me was that I “couldn’t and shouldn’t go for what I want”.

I feel that after only two sessions with Dr. Drewry I already am making progress. I’m feeling lighter, more focused and more willing to feel my feelings as they show up. And significantly, I’m more willing and able to move forward and do the work to heal that deep, narcissistic wound – that will help me achieve my personal and professional goals.

I can easily and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Drewry. She is not only highly skilled In both traditional and non-traditional approaches, but is also highly intuitive. This combination is powerful in getting to the root issues quickly and easily.”    Colette B. M.S.

Suggested reading:  “Why is it Always About You”,  “Disarming the Narcissist”, and “Mothers Who Can’t Love” are titles available on Amazon.

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