Beyond Trauma

Getting beyond trauma is not only possible, it’s really essential in order to live the healthier, happier life you are designed to live.

While many people are aware they have post traumatic stress issues, they are frustrated by traditional treatments that really don’t work. Other people have no idea that their lives are affected by lingering effects of traumatizing events they have either dismissed as unimportant, or forgotten entirely.

For over 25 years people have been coming to Dr. Damaris Drewry with a huge range of physical, emotional and spiritual problems, issues and illnesses. Almost every one of them had traumatic events – most of which they had either forgotten or thought they had already dealt with – as the root cause of their present physical and emotional issues.

Here is an easy way to tell if you are experiencing effects of trauma:  if you find yourself talking or thinking about a past event that upsets you, that event is still affecting your life. Or – if your life has been shrinking and you find yourself spending more time alone and less time doing things you used to enjoy, the cause could be too many stressful events on top of each other without enough time to process them.

What happens during a traumatizing event?

artist drawing of brain and brainstemDuring the moments when the traumatic event and its associated physical and emotional “settings” are all recorded in the brain and body, decisions are made about self-worth and safety in the world. Those decisions start subconscious programs running in the background of the body’s “biocomputer” that can cause physical illness, emotional distress, and spiritual crisis—even years after the events.

Dr. Damaris Drewry shows clients how to erase those subconscious trauma programs in order to make wise decisions based on present information instead of echoes from the past.

Seeing the world through lenses of your past traumatic events:

Belief systems and decisions made during traumatizing events have a profound effect on our lives. People think their recollection of events in their lives is the only true reality about the situation. It is difficult to accept that their beliefs, emotions, environment, assumptions, and judgments distort the facts. It’s like looking at the world through lenses of your past experience. You only see your life, the world, your relationships, and other people through those old beliefs and decisions about what is real. This is what creates illness, confusion, and unhappiness.

The body believes every word we say and stores life events in cellular memory!

The body believes every word we say and records traumatizing life events in our cellular memory. Clearing cellular memory and reframing decisions made during past traumatic events “defragments the body’s bio-computer” and makes true transformation possible in a very short time. Beyond Talk Therapy™ can help you erase the lingering effects of traumatic events in three to six sessions.

This is the amazing story of a woman who wanted help with freeway anxiety and drove the day after one session:


We cleared that by finding the original cause and clearing a huge “backpack” of other traumas as well. Please read the following testimonial about freeway driving anxiety and World War II bombing trauma from her childhood.
Barbara was having panic attacks while driving even when stopped in busy intersections and she could not drive on a freeway. As with every client, the underlying reasons were a mystery to her, but obvious to me because I look for the metaphors the body is exhibiting. The day after the first session she HAD to drive on the freeway and she found that she could do it with remarkable ease. Here is her story: Read More