Sleep Apnea: don't treat it - get rid of it

Dr. Damaris Drewry helps clients get Beyond Sleep Apnea

IF YOU HAVE SLEEP APNEA or love someone who has it you don’t want to leave this page until you read it!

There is a global misunderstanding in medical and public awareness of sleep apnea.
Most people believe there is only one type of sleep apnea – obstructive.  They are told that sleep apnea is ALWAYS  life-threatening and incurable.

MYTH-BUSTING – Most people believe sleep apnea is:

  • Always obstructive (OSA) – this is not true
  • Hereditary – this is very rarely true
  • Always caused by being overweight or having a thick neck – this is not true
  • You might be surprised to learn that many children, women and physically fit young men, especially combat veterans and football players, have trauma-based sleep apnea.The traumatic events can be emotional and/or physical.

Listen to Katy as she describes the results of her sessions for Sleep Apnea with Dr. Drewry:

Katy describes the results of sessions with Dr. Drewry

What happened that makes you stop breathing in your sleep?

Steve: got rid of sleep apnea after wearing a CPAP every night for 15 years. As of 2014 he was still free of sleep apnea. He was diagnosed with obstructive apnea but it was actually central nervous system apnea caused by a traumatic near-drowning event at age 6.

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