Sleep Apnea: don't treat it - get rid of it

Dr. Damaris Drewry helps clients get Beyond Sleep Apnea


There is a global misunderstanding in medical and public awareness of sleep apnea.
Most people believe there is only one type of sleep apnea – obstructive.  They are told that sleep apnea is ALWAYS  life-threatening and incurable but treatable with a jaw device, CPAP machine, or surgery.  This is like saying the world is flat when new information makes sleep apnea a new frontier in neuroscience and sleep medicine. Most people believe sleep apnea is:

  • Always obstructive (OSA) – this is not true
  • Hereditary – this is very rarely true
  • Always caused by being overweight or having a thick neck – this is not true
  • Many children, and physically fit women and men, especially combat veterans have trauma-based sleep apnea.
    The traumatic events that cause Central Nervous System Apnea can be emotional and/or physical.
  • Central Nervous System Apnea can be cleared by resolving the traumatizing events that caused it!

In 2008 Dr. Damaris Drewry worked with her first sleep apnea client using her Beyond Talk Therapy® method which includes her intuitive gifts, Emotional Freedom Techniques™ created by Gary Craig, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She has proven in the last 8 years that sleep apnea is often caused by specific traumatizing events – even if the individual is overweight. She understands that trauma is the core issue underlying most adult-onset physical and emotional issues.  Her first apnea client, Steve talks about his (2008) experience in the video below. As of 2014 he was still free of sleep apnea. He was diagnosed with obstructive apnea but it was actually central nervous system apnea caused by a traumatic near-drowning event at age 6.



Here is another testimonial from 2016 from Katy after 3 sessions with Dr. Drewry.
The traumatic cause of her apnea was emotional:

Katy describes the results of sessions with Dr. Drewry

 What happened to YOU that makes you stop breathing in your sleep?

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1) I will ask you about your life history, tell you how I work, and honestly tell you whether or not I can help you breathe freely again and wake up feeling rested and energized – without a CPAP or jaw device.

2) You decide whether you want to proceed and we will work together in 4-5 sessions over 12 weeks to clear the traumatizing events that created your apnea. Ask about the package of sessions that comes with a guarantee.

If you are interested in opting in to a live TELESEMINAR with Dr. Drewry on the traumatic causes of sleep apnea – email her or call (678) 726-2029.  The event will be held in early October.  Details to be announced here.

In January 2017 Dr. Drewry’s sleep apnea discovery was published in the International Journal of Healing and Caring.  Click here to read 17-page article:


 Click here to read a shorter, easy-to-read article:

Trauma-Based Sleep Apnea is Curable with Energy Psychology
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