EFT for Physical and Emotional Issues

BREAKTHROUGH:  Emotional Freedom Techniques™ was approved in July 2017 by the United States Veterans’ Administration for treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

EFT, also known as TAPPING,  is based on using fingertips on specific acupuncture meridian points – but no needles are used.  Easy and Painless!  It’s also an exception tool for eliminating traumatic memories – even the memories that interfere with sleep.

Dr. Damaris Drewry has used Emotional Freedom Techniques™ with all her clients since 2000.

All results described in TESTIMONIALS were achieved by using EFT along with NLP as the CLEARING part of Beyond Talk Therapy®!

You may think EFT is too simplistic to be effective. So did Dr. Drewry until she tried it on her own issue. The results were stunning:  immediate and permanent –  so she has become a Master of the creative use of EFT and now also teaches this modality. Her client testimonials speak to the value of her Beyond Talk Therapy™ work which includes, but is not limited to, EFT.

While tapping on acupuncture meridians, your words combined with a clear picture of a past event, can quickly change your body and the neural pathways in your brain. (A neural pathway is the way we repeatedly think about anything.)

How Does EFT (tapping) work?

A Neural Net = the way you think about something over and over.EFT research to date shows that by a mechanism not yet fully understood, EFT (tapping) works by interrupting the way thoughts and emotions are chemically recorded in the body while you are finger-tapping on acupuncture meridian points and speaking about core issues and memories.  Speaking about memories allows re-framing of the meaning given to memories which are held both in the brain and throughout the body.


It’s not the events that happen to us – it’s the meaning we give to them that colors and shapes our lives. Re-framing the meaning is life-changing and freeing. That’s why Gary Craig called his technique “Emotional Freedom Techniques™”.

karate_chopAn overload of energy in the form of strong emotions and trauma can block the flow of energy through the body. It is like a surge of electricity going to your TV and causing an interruption in the circuit. Tapping on meridians causes a tiny electrical impulse to travel through the meridians to the brain and areas of the body where a specific memory you are talking about is held. Tapping with both hands while using precise language to reframe decisions made during traumatic events – is immediately transformational!  You can feel it working instantly.

EFT Uses Acupuncture Meridians but without any needles:

EFT_TAPPING_POINTS_smallerKarate Chop Point – Small Intestine Meridian
Top of Head – Governing Meridian
Above Eyebrows – start point of the Bladder Meridian, Stomach Meridian
Side of Eyes – end point of the Triple Warmer Meridian, beginning point of the Gall Bladder Meridian, Small Intestine Meridian
On Top of Cheekbones – Stomach Meridian
Under Nose Point –  Large Intestine Meridian
Chin Point –  Stomach Meridian
Collarbone Points – Kidney Meridian
Under Arm Points –  Spleen Meridian

Listed below are the twelve primary energy meridians, and the main emotions linked with them:

1. LUNG MERIDIAN – grief, intolerance, frequent colds, bronchitis or asthma
2. LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN – holding on too tightly, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease.
3. STOMACH MERIDIAN – unable to digest all the overwhelming events in life (trauma)
4. SPLEEN MERIDIAN – worry, anxiety about the future
5. HEART MERIDIAN – joy, anger
6. SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIAN – insecurity, sadness
7. BLADDER MERIDIAN – fear, impatience, restlessness
8. KIDNEY MERIDIAN – fear, indecision
9. PERICARDIUM/CIRCULATION-SEX – hurt, extreme joy, jealousy, regret
10. TRIPLE WARMER/THYROID MERIDIAN- hopelessness, depression, despair
11. GALL BLADDER MERIDIAN – rage, wrath
12. LIVER MERIDIAN – anger, unhappiness, resentment, inability to forgive

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